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Simulation Dashboard

AFter you configure multicache and cron it you can find the results of tests on the simulation dashboard. If you are configuring multicache for the first time, then it is advisable to pay attention to 'Expected End Date',  as it could grow to unwieldy durations, depending on how advanced multicache is configured. There are a couple of ways to decrease this duration as follows

  • Uncheck the 'Advanced Simulation' settings in Multicache's config tab titled multicache optimization
  • Narrow down the ranges for iterated tests in Testing Conditions and Parameters, the tab titled multicache optimization
  • Reduce testing cycles to 1
  • Get more credits for tests.

At the outset the Multicache Simulation Dashboard features a Global stat which display basic statistics of tests conducted. On the left side bar are filters that enable you to focus on your result sets. You will find that the Global stat changes to adhere to the filtered data set. Further you will also find an active filters status on the stat that serves as an indicator as to the type of test results being furnished below.