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Multicache Package consisting of 

  1. fastcache library
  2. Multicache Component
  3. Multicache Library

Prerequisites  Joomla3+| Memcache | ionCube Loader


  • Continuous PageSpeed Assessment
  • Automated Simulation & Optimization
  • Pro Cart & Currencies Handler
  • JavaScript Tweaker
  • GTMetrix & Google API interface
  • Precache Compression
  • Customizable Deployment Algorithms
  • Roundtrip Minimizer
  • CDN includer
  • Defer & Delay Javascript
  • URL Analyzer
  • Tolerance Highlighting
  • Page Cache Inspector


Multicache is a high performance fastcache controller for Joomla versions 3 and above. It delivers superior performance in terms of page load time by implementing a thin layer cache controller over memcache & file cache. Multicache interrogates your Google Analytics data to determine the most important pages on your site and overlooks the memcache default algorithm. This enables you to store multiple pages in page cache while having the benefits of both memcache for speed and file cache for large volume handling.

Multicache features a state of the art advanced simulation system that fine tunes your caches delivery performance by varying load behavior. It features a continuous PageSpeed Assessment system enabling you to control performance over peak traffic and similar constraints.

Duration: 1 year
Price: $116.00