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Javascript Tweaker

Multicache features a javascript tweaker console that allows you to effortlessly shift your javascript around without breaking your site. It also is part of a core iterative module of the advanced simulation mechanism which automatically shifts javascript between various sections of a webpage to determine page load times and optimize a range of internal factors against them. The Javascript tweaker allows you to set any page on your site as a 'templating page' which it uses to scan and extract all scripts associated with the site. This versatile module is designed to accept any scoping operator for inetr-related jQuery libraries. The javascript tweaker further reduces page load time by automatically :- eliminating duplicate scripts deferring social scripts deferring advertisement scripts treating asynchronous scripts as deferred for loading purposes and  grouping scripts  Upon scrapping the template page the javascript tweaker furnishes all individual settings which allow how the scripts can be further controlled and fine tuned.    

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  • Multicache V1.0.0.3 to feature a stronger tweaker -expected release in Jun 15
    in Blog
    The next version of multicache V1.0.0.3 will be launched in Jun 15. This version will feature a stronger Javascript tweaker that will include quirks in scripts like jQuery libraries with an encoded script tag. Currently in development, this section will undergo a transformation with every release until V1.0.1 wherein a fiddle type tweaker will manifest allowing developers to adhoc slip and slide code between various load-sections of the webpage.