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GTMetrix & Google API Console Interface

Multicache uses the Joomla default oAuth2 library to connect your administrative terminal to your Google Analytics and GTMetrix accounts. This allows Multicache to query Google Ananlytics for the most frequently used pages on your site. It also performs its benchmarking and testing against GTMetrix basis the API protocol. The Google oAuth2 readiness brings to you  automated features that allows the retreival of information used to  prime memcache.

Related items

  • Continuous PageSpeed Assesment
      The Multicache system features a continuous PageSpeed assessment process that commences at the end of every simulation cycle.  It records 'page load time' through GTMetrix,  over time, enabling you to filter records pertaining to various tolerance limits, to delve deeper into the causes of higher page load time. This systematic process records vital page load time characteristics and displays a link to the respective GTMetrix report which further provides granular information with waterfall charts, Google PageSpeed reports , YSlow performance and optimization tips. As the system is continuous it will eventually contain an overwhelming source of page load time characteristics recorded over time, these are made easy to access with filtering options as follows:- Tolerance  Cache Type Page Precache Compression Memcache Compression Operation Mode Dates  A Comparative study of two tests for the same page at different points in time that fall in different tolerance zones will point to constraints that contribute to higher variances in load time.