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  Multicache V1.0.0.2 provides a  a dual source caching library called fastcache that caches objects and pages to memcache & file cache through a smart process, simultaneously . It features a high hammer rate for common objects that are retrieved across page access cycles. It has four characteristic modes of operation:- Hammered PageSpeed LHM (Low Hammer Mode)  MultiAdmin CartMode  The cache engine of a CMS is the central hub of traffic for all the CMS's activities. When a page is accessed over the web the CMS performs many initialization activities like initializing sessions , language strings , user constructs, modules and the page component in addition to the cached page. A single web page request translates to a multiplicative factor of cache accesses. The well designed fastcache eliminates bottlenecks through the cycles that encompass all these activities, evidenced by its high page load & render rates.   The fastcache library uses a redundancy protocol in initializing objects, ensuring that important parameters are initialized and maintained throughout the lifetime of the page access, preventing re-initialization, which contributes to high performance.  It further derives a higher performance by allowing important specifics to be iterated through by simulation control,  a deterministic process that pins down the factors of performance in terms of page load times, giving your website the edge in speed. It features methods to retrieve the two type objects for group cache clearing, thereby enabling you to choose which cache source you wish to clear. It is a completely rewritten library that processes caching objects in minimal time. This combined with a transparent benchmarking process that allows you to compare holistic page load time against various other caching libraries to determine the performance of the multicache engine.