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Debug Mode

Multicache features a multi-layered debug mode that allows you to debug your application easily. 1) Fastcache debug :- In the default Joomla operation gzip is automatically turned off when global debug is enabled. This prevents you noticing errors that may be produced and caused by the holistic application process. The multicach debug mode does not require the Joomla global debug mode to be turned on and will provide verbose arguemnest to all its operations being performed. These verbose arguments may be checked in the logs. 2) Multicache Plugin Debug - When set to debug mode in advanced simulation, debugging will be limited and scoped to the template url . It will print the characteristic compression levels in large fonts that become visible on GTMetrix reports. 3) Simulation debug - At the simulation level, debug prints verbose arguements of the task being performed , taking you step by step through its iterative process.  The debug mode is designed in such a manner that you do not require additional sandboxing techniques to get started.