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Pro Cart & Currencies Handler

Multicache features a pro cart & currencies handler that allows eCommerce related pages to be page cached. The Cart & Currencies handler are designed to allow any cart to be easily integrated, distinguished by their characteristic cart session and cart registry variables to display currencies accurately. The default Joomla page cache is normally associated with certain quirks in that it always provides the last cached page to a person requesting a similar page. What this implies is in default Joomla page cache, if a person from a different geography was the first visitor to a page and the page showcased a currency selector module, then the next visitor to the same page will be shown the same page resulting in the same currency depiction. Multicache changes this by its core methodology of differentiating pages basis their cart session variables and currencies basis their respective registry variables to ensure the right cached page is delivered. In addition the pro cart & currencies settings allows their characteristic variables to be customized  making it adaptable  to any cart application.The customization of cart session variables and cart/currency registry differentiators is a core operation mode of Multicache.  These setting may be applied to all pages or only to a few pages through Cart & Forms Advanced settings in Multicache Config.