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Automated Simulation & Optimization

  Multicache features a state of the art automated simulation and optimization system, that performs a monte-carlo type simulation over various iterations of independent factors that contribute to better page load times. The simulation system also features an 'advanced simulation' method the latter takes into account 'blocking script' loading iterations to various segments of the webpage, to record test groups that when processed through the deployment algorithm, fine tunes your website for the best load time. The various independent tests are conducted against GTMetrix, providing transparent benchmarks. It features a simulation dashboard that provides a quick stat result of all tests conducted through the system. The results of simulation testing are made available on the simulation dashboard with filtering options to select between simulation test results and non-simulation (continuous pagespeed assessment) test group results. Advanced simulation series are generally longer in duration compared to normal simulation and their expected test series end dates are displayed on the simulation dashboard. The simulation dashboard enables you view granular results of page performance tests along with their links to GTmetrix test reports.