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Multicache gets the best speed from your Joomla 3 site

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Roundtrip Minimizer

Minimize roundtrips by grouping code with the javascript tweaker.

CDN Includer

Easily Include javascript libraries from jsdelivr.com & cdnjs.com

Defer & Delay Javascript

Choose particular scripts to be delayed or deferred.

Large Page Handling Capacity

handles 50000+ pages

Core Features

  • Default
  • Title
  • Date
  • Random

further reasons to choose multicache

Url Distribution Analyser

Acts over the caching layers ensuring that your most important pages are cached prioritizing human views over bot hits.


A simple exclusions console that enables you to easily add exclusions so that java script tweaks work the way you want.

One Click Package Install

Install the three part package consisting of the component , the fastcache library and multicache plugin with a single click.

Heuristic Tolerance Highlighting

Allowing you to quickly gauge page load performance results and customize tolerance and color options.

Include Comments

Allows the inclusion of  default comments in grouped  javascript manifestations thereby facilitating verification and debugging.

Ajax or jQuery Conduits

A choice of Ajax or JQuery based conduits to update precached stale values.

Page Cache Inspector

Allows you to view your cache paged as stored in memcache in either web or code manifests.

Orphaned Script loaders

A customized method of loading orphaned java script in either head or footer section of web page.

Advance Test Series Lock

Locks advanced tests so that they may not be erroneously overwritten or discarded.

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